3 Best Red Car Waxes To Get Original Red Shine Back

The following article is your know-how regarding our top 3 rates car body waxes for red cars. We’ve done an extensive search in the market and combined it with customer responses to come to the following conclusion. Here it is!

3 Best Red Car Waxes

Poorboys Black Hole

Poorboys Black Hole

  • This wax is made especially for dark colored vehicles, including red We’ve seen that the Poorboy’s BLack Hole is literally a black hole for any color fading or scratches on your car body.
  • Result is an extremely shiny and glossy car shine.
  • It can also be applied at small spots to hide minor scratches and marks to bring out the original gloss on red vehicles.

Customers say that the product is very useful and very efficient. It is also easy to use, apply and to buff-up. The wax must be followed by a proper sealant so the shine is long lasting and the paint is sealed properly beneath it. The Poorboys top our list as number 1 on the list for red cars body waxes.

Pinnacle Souveran Paste Wax

To say the least, the Pinnacle Souveran Paste Wax is a must try if you own a red beauty. We found out that the results it has on red car bodies is absolutely amazing!

The carnauba included in this wax is pure Brazilian origin and is mixed with natural oils. The oils work on the paint of the body and give it a deep and enhanced touch with immense shine and depth. They’ve really set the standard with this one.

Pinnacle Souveran Paste Waxx (2)

The result on red car bodies with the use of this wax is a wet and deep look which oozes class. The shine is almost like its in 3-D and reflects very brightly underneath the sun. The lasting is usually for weeks and doesn’t wear off so easily.

Customers say that red paint is very hard to maintain but the Souveran has worked tremendously to produce shines like the car just came out of the showroom. Most people also switch to Souveran due to the fact that it costs much less than high end products and gives an almost similar result.

Pinnacle Souveran Liquid Wax

So number 3 on our list is again a Pinnacle product, which only goes to show how much work they’ve put in their waxes. The best think about the Liquid Wax is the easiness of applying it on the car body due to the liquid nature. That, topped with a sealant, is really what you would love to see your car wear! Its time saving, easy and rolls up just about perfect!

Pinnacle Souveran Liquid Wax

Difference between the paste wax and liquid wax
  • This formula uses special super-polymers that have been introduced after hard and long researches.
  • The result is a deep look that brings out a 3-dimensional look, much like the paste wax, but with the easiness of a liquid form.
  • The wax is long lasting and the durability is multiplied when a sealant is applied.

Even though Poorboys top our list, the fact that Pinnacle reached 2 spots on our list speaks volumes about what they produce.

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