How to Wax Your Car Like a Professional Job (Guide)


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To know how to wax your car like a pro:


As a car enthusiast, you might be trying all means to maintain it and  give it a high-gloss luster than ever before.


Don’t worry:


You are a few steps away from doing it like a guru


Experts recommend that you should do it after 3 to 4 months.It is important to wax your car because it allows it to shine like a brand new one.


While it may seem like a time consuming and daunting task, it is quite simple if you follow the right steps.


If your car’s paint is still in good condition, you need to wax it in order to complete its appearance. Did you know that it is possible to paint your car like an expert?


How to Wax Your Car

Let’s find out how you can achieve that in simple steps.

Things you need


wax your car


If you know your mechanical tools, you could work with an angle grinder with a buffing wheel attached to the end. But, if you’re inexperienced, then an electrical orbital buffer will work perfectly.


The prices of these two things vary from about $40 to about $300. The buffing pads that you’ll need cost around $5 with buffing compound. The whole package of the car polish, car wax and microfiber kits usually cost up to $20.


The high speed angle grinder brings out amazing results but the tool needs a lot of experience to master, especially when dealing with the paint of your car. So its better to use an orbital buffer. The only issue is that you’ll need to work on affected areas longer as compared to an angle grinder.


You also need to buy a high quality car wax before beginning to wax. It should be the one that suits your car.


You should also wash your car well before the waxing process begins. Either wash it or take it to the car wash and make sure that it drys well before waxing.


Buffing involves getting rid of the small layer of paint from the finish of a car. First, you’ll need to apply huge amounts of buffing compounds to surfaces that have deep scratches or faded paint.


Buffing works with removing the top coat of the paint to bring out the underneath layer. You’ll know when you start seeing a finer and more glossier paint. Next, you should immediately apply the wax so the protective properties of the original paint are stored.

car buffring

Spread the compound evenly with a buffing pad and make sure that it doesn’t come in contact with any rubber, glass or chrome.


Turn the buffer on then start working the compound in circular motions, as you keep the buffer pad completely flat at all times. Work on each area until you see a new and smooth look.


Car buffers help to get rid of the toughest stains.


Wondering which ones are the best?


Here is the deal:


While there are many car buffers out there, we would like to point out the best three according to user experience. Below is what we have to say about them.



  1. Meguiars MT300 Dual Action Polisher



The Megulars is one of the latest buffers that were recently developed. Whether you are an advanced user or a beginner, this buffer could be for you. It aims to reduce fatigue while buffing your car because it has many new features.


Some of its features include a digital torque management, a multi-position D handle and a dual action polisher.




  • It is portable
  • Easy to adjust and use
  • Ensures smooth starting and stopping
  • Has a dual action polisher



  • You need a drill to use it


  1. Porter –Cable 7424XP Orbital Buffer


This is a premium buffer machine that accepts different accessories. One of its most admired features is that you can move its handle on any side of the machine that is both right and left side.


It has a speed of between 2,500-6,800 OPM. This feature lets you work even in delicate areas at a lower speed. You can use this premium buffer to get rid of heavy swirl marks and stubborn scratches in the paintwork.


However, you might need to be a bit slow when dealing with heavy scratches in the paint work while using this buffer.




  • Accepts any accessories
  • Can be used by both a right and left handed person
  • You can control the speed
  • Gets rid of stubborn stains
  • Doesn’t overheat



  • It’s a bit noisy


  1. Griots Garage 108STDCRD Rotary polisher


The Griots Garage is another latest buffer machine you might want to try. If you are beginner, it might be more ideal for you as it has all details. It can get rid of swirl marks and is comfortable to use as well.

It is made of a 6 position handle that has a rubberized grip making it comfortable to use. It is also safe to use, so you don’t have to worry if you are a beginner. With its dual action buffer, it is not that aggressive in how it polishes the paint work.



  • Safe to use
  • It’s a dual action buffer machine
  • Comfortable to use


Waxing involves three steps:


  1.    Putting wax on a clean buffer
  2.    Applying the wax in the direction that the wind flows over the car
  3.    Polishing

Putting the car wax in a clean buffer


After buffing, apply the car wax with a clean buffer pad.


Applying the wax in the direction that the wind flows over the car


This is the most crucial step whereby you need to spread the wax evenly with occasionally turning the buffer on. This makes sure that the wax does not get stuck in one area. Most waxes usually work the same but some waxes require different set times before removal process.


As you apply it, ensure that you focus on the direction that the wind flows over the car. You can use the front to back motion and not circles as you apply. Applying with circular motion may make circles to appear on the paint.




This is the final step and you should use a clean buffer. Polish it using the front back motion as you did earlier.


It is generally advisable to wax your car after every 3 or 4 months, but buffing is only required once a year. In that case, do the same processes as mentioned above, without the buffing compound part.

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