Best Black Car Wax Reviewed: How To Pick The Black Car Wax

Top 3 Black Cars Waxes To Try In 2017

Turtle Wax Magic Car Polish Black

Turtle Wax T-374KTR Color Magic Car Polish, Black

This blend guarantees you a quick and handy solution to get rid of the scratches on your car’s body while giving it a showroom shine. Special pigments and restoration chemicals that have been used in this mixture help you fill in the small scratches and make your car look like a mirror!

Turtle Wax uses a colour match system that also helps you restore the faded colour on the body and match it with the original one. The ChipStik pen that comes with the package is best when it comes to filling in more deeper and prominent scratches. The variants include white, blue, red and black colours. The colour match system on the polish makes sure that your car’s body does not face any damage or lose its original color.

Chemical Guys Black Light Hybrid Radiant Finish

Chemical Guys GAP_619_16 Black Light Hybrid Radiant Finish Color Enhance

This polish is the outcome of a 3 year research by the Thailand based company called Chemical Guys. The Black Light Hybrid Radiant is a high power polish that is equipped with the technology to resist extreme hot and humid weather conditions. It also enhances the body shine of any car to its maximum and guarantees a proper radiance. The ingredients on the polish include high level gloss enhancers that give the surface a detailed finish due to the amazing technology it has. The science behind this polish guarantees that the shine of the car is restored while also giving it 24/7 protection against external factors including the sunlight, rain, dust and humidity.

The Chemical Guys is not a very well known company when it comes to car care, but the promising results of their research and the positive customer feedback at least deserves a try.

Black Magic Fast Wax Spray

Black Magic 120025 2-in-1 Fast Wax Spray

The Fast Wax Spray is a cleaner and a polisher at the same time. It guarantees to cleanse your car of any dirt or permanent stains while also restoring the showroom polish you would love to have back. ┬áThe conditioner in the ingredients also works similar to what a hair conditioner works like – It promises a cleansing process and also restores the original car colour. With the Black Magic 2-in-1 Fast Wax Spray, you get rid of spending time on 2 different processes – cleaning and polishing. The Wax Spray helps you get rid of dirt and shines your car amazingly. It also gives the surface an oxidation process to give it the feel of what a spa does to you! The spray works on just about any surface and is not limited to just car bodies.

Not the top product on the market, it still is very economical and gives your car a nice shine and cleanse. We rate it on the 3rd number in our list!

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