Best Car Wax For Your White Cars

Let’s be sincere. If you want a white paint to glow regardless of what sealant or wax you use, it should be clean and smooth before applying wax. In this post, I will review the best white car wax, but keep in mind that for best results, you need to apply them on a smooth and clean paint.

Best White Car Waxes


What should you consider when buying white car wax?

If you love looking at different brands before making a purchase, you might be overwhelmed on which white car wax to choose. There are many brands out there and if you easily get distracted by shiny object syndrome, you might choose the wrong product. Follow the tips below if want to choose the right product.

Consider the paint of your car

You need to select wax that is compatible with your car’s paint so that it can achieve a flawless finish.


How old is your car?

Since there is different white car wax, consider how old your car is. Most old cars need a high quality wax that lasts long.


Your experience and preference

If you have bought several white car wax before, you wouldn’t go back to buy something that gave you inappropriate results. You might want to try various products before coming to a conclusion.


The type of wax

There are various types of wax for white cars like paste wax, spray wax and liquid wax. Liquid wax enables smooth application of wax on the paint and is quite economical. Paste wax on the other hand works well if you are using a machine to apply it. Spray wax give a great shine and is best if you want to use it between the polishing and shining process.

Collinite Liquid Insulator Wax

Are you looking for a durable car wax that offers great shine? You can achieve that with Collinite Liquid insulator Wax. This wax is popular because you can apply it on various automotive coats and aeronautical applications as well.

It is packed in two pint bottles. This wax was originally created for power companies to safeguard them against failure of high voltage power and explosions as well. It will therefore protect your vehicles paint because it can stand up all those conditions.

You can apply it using a dual action polisher or your hands. It is the best wax if you want durability and has no cleaning properties.



  • It has a long-term durability
  • It is quite easy to apply it
  • Offers a clear coating that repels pollution, water, bugs and salt spray among others.
  • Protects your car’s paint against adverse weather conditions
  • It withstands up UV and heat better than many carnauba waxes.



Dodo Juice Diamond White – Hard Paste Wax

The Dodo Juice Diamond White is specially made for white or any other light coloured vehicles. The wax that makes the Dodo Juice products ensures that the light paint of your car shines like a diamond.

Dodo Juice Diamond White - Hard Paste Wax

The Dodo  Juice Diamond White guarantees you a durable and shiny finish. It has a hard carnauba wax that provides an even finish every time you apply it. It can offer great results when you apply a small amount and you don’t have to over-apply it. It is therefore economical.

The newer pearlescent paints that come with new model cars, glow once Dodo Juice is applied on them. This wax ensures a long lasting paint shine underneath the wax and gives resistance against any sunlight or atmosphere damage. It gives a proper reflective finish that is as clear as your household mirror.


  • It is budget friendly since you just have to apply a small amount of it
  • It offers a great shiny finish
  • It is long lasting
  • Protects the paint against damage from UV rays of the sun



  • Quite hard to remove

Pinnacle Signature II – Hybrid Wax

The Pinnacle Signature II Hybrid Wax is made with real fruit oils and the finest natural waxes. It creates a wet-styled shine and gives a warm look to your car’s body surface. The guaranteed results display a fine array of shine and color restoration that suits any car paint color, especially white.

Pinnacle Signature II – Hybrid Wax

The price tag on the wax is also very competitive when we compare it with other waxes of the same class in the market. A single jar of the wax that has 8 oz of polish usually gives about 25 applications, with each application lasting month, depending on the weather and temperature conditions.

The new and improved formula of the polish includes the induction of a new liquid crystal polymer that boosts the “jetting factor” of the polish. The polymer is left in a semi-liquid state that softens the carnauba and enhances the wax feature shines and reflects. This results in the polish finish as a wetter and a glossier surface that suits any car color paint and brings out an amazing shine!


  • Offers a classic shiny end result
  • It is pocket friendly

Collinite 476s – Long Paste Wax

The Collinite 476 is a paste wax that gives an amazing carnauba shine which is its signature feature. It is heavy duty wax that is proven to bring heavy resistance against the sunlight and weather related damages on your car’s surface. It protects your car’s paint in order to last long and stay original. It is an award winning polish for endurance testing in the individual sections.

Collinite 476s – Long Paste Wax


The polish has a lustrous finish that shields against outdoor elements and is Collinite’s most durable product. Ths polish can last about 3 to 4 months depending on weather conditions. The product is a research proven protection against UV, snow, dirt, salt, rain, grime and stains.



  • It is long lasting
  • It protects the outer coat



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